Make profits from "dead stock"? We support you with our excess stock management service in a targeted manner, in order to generate risk-free international sales opportunities for your excess stocks with minimum effort for your company.

Excess stock occurs due to various factors such as deviations in market demand planning or unplanned changes in product life cycles as well as unused buffer stocks.

Our excess stock management service eliminates ongoing burdens such as warehousing costs, capital commitment, administration costs or insurance costs and simultaneously offers extremely promising sales opportunities – even for products at the end of their actual life cycle.

We provide the opportunity to find customers for your excess stock via our international sales channels and global partners sending direct requests through our network, without actively building a sales force and at the same time minimizing cost and risk. This way, profits can often be made from goods and stocks that would otherwise fall victim to depreciation.


Upon receipt of your goods, they are analyzed in terms of marketability, undergo a visual quality inspection and are then re-picked ready for sale.


We then place the goods for sale, both on various online platforms and exclusively via our global partner network. Prior to this, of course, the market is analyzed and evaluated automatically in order to offer an attractive price for the potential customer.

If a prospective customer is found, we handle the sale of the goods completely autonomously. The achieved margin is divided between you – our client – and ourselves by means of a profit split.


Our model of outsourced excess stock management automatically implies a number of additional services. You benefit from enormous advantages regarding storage costs and capital commitment, since expenses only accrue when we sell parts of your excess stock. Further administrative costs, including insurance costs, are also minimized without any additional risks.

As soon as your goods have been dispatched to us, the subject matter is settled for you as the customer – we take care of all further steps completely autonomously. Sales results are automatically conveyed via monthly settlement of the goods sold.

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